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Brown Cosmetics, Inc.

Adorned 12-Shade Eyeshadow Palette

Adorned 12-Shade Eyeshadow Palette

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Look your best with our Brown Cosmetics Adorned Eyeshadow Palette.   You can be clothed with strength and dignity while wearing power-packed eyeshadows.  With names like Adore, Adorned, and Joy, you're sure to feel regal wearing these luscious colors. 

These eyeshadow colors can be worn day or night.  Create a sultry night look or a radiant day look all with the same palette.

Colors can be applied with a brush or a finger, depending on your preference. Washing it off is super easy.

  • Best quality eyeshadow pallet
  • Elegant color scheme to achieve a stunning eye look
  • Easy to apply and wash off
  • Palette is lightweight and compact
  • Perfect for all skin tones
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