This collection is fierce and rapidly growing.  Collect our luxurious eyeshadow colors in 3 (and soon to be 6) breath-taking palettes.  

Our Royalty Palette is full of rich purple hues.  Use this collection when you want to feel extra special.  With color names like Royalty, Imperial, Purple Lady, and Starlight, we are sure you will feel like a winner once you've donned your eyelids with our sumptuous colors.

Our Golden Palette can be used for an everyday look. You may be quarantined at home but can look like you've just summered in the Caribbean.  Get our beautiful golden palette and brighten up your eyes because after all, a Purple Lady's future is bright!

Our Easter Palette pays a nod to the bright colors of Spring.  We should all be reminded of the wondrous works of the cross and let our bright festive Easter inspired colors remind you of renewal and regeneration.

All of our colors are vegan and highly pigmented.